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About Us

Welcome to CnG Cigars!

    We are a new, family run, on-line company located in New York, with plans to serve the cigar population across the country!


    Funny thing is, before there was even a CnG, we've made a name for ourselves as the

go-to-guys for good smokes amongst family and friends. 

Not to brag or anything!

After a little word of mouth, that quickly turned into friends of friends.. and friends of friends of friends ..and ..


    making time with a nice cigar was a simple way we kicked back and relaxed at the end of the week.

       Or the end of the day!

​    it started as a hobby. 

it evolved to be something more. Something we all needed. 

        Every friend of a friend of a friend..


   A feeling of being on top of the world, living in the moment. Being you. Being Satisfied.

         Dreaming big!


    That's why there is CnG.

To keep that feeling alive.

To keep that flame burning.

Trust in us. 

CnG Cigars

The Fuel To Your Fire!

Hand holds a laurel wreath - bronze stat
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